02 September, 2011

belly shot

It looks like i swallowed a melon whole from one of those Camp Verde farms! I would have posted this sooner except that I have been grieving the death of my mother. it took a month to realize I need to be celebrating this belly time.

Phil Cheney is printing YUM YUM produce t shirts!! Hot off the press soon. No they were not made in Arizona, but they were made by a friend.

01 September, 2011

Navajo nation for Blue corn & Potatoes and Maricopia for the beans

we are planning two day trips for befor ethe bebe arrives, one to phoenix for beans grown in maricopia, the other for blue corn which john will grind and we will sell at market!

17 August, 2011

Last photo taken in at the adobe before we moved to the old farm house in Cornville, Az. I am wearing real American turquoise by Doreen G.

27 June, 2011

Late night produce adoration!

17 June, 2011

MELONS on the horizon!!
Starting next week we will be offering melons!!

15 June, 2011

01 June, 2011

Support food security, buy produce grown close to home.

31 May, 2011

First squash of the season at Crooked Sky farms in Phoenix! Keep tuned for crops grown by our co-opperative CSA project! Join us!!