22 August, 2006

the apple butter gang

the name sounds like a cheesey book from my childhood, but my publisher suggested it with a snicker in his eye. i talked with a nice police officer today who said that he would overlook my stealing of plums to make plum jam, if i brought him a jar of jam.

i thought this was cute, and made thoughts of mayberry.

i am a plum pirate, a jam hijacker, part of the underground preserves society. this is silly of course, but i have stolen plums from private property, and that is a sin.
i have allready been chided by a mother, who informed me of the virtues of simply asking permission before plucking fruit from public trees.

i need to write an article about the jam making process, but can't include that the reason i got so motivated was because of a pot cookie i kind of acciedently injested at 7(30 in the morning. i mean this, i dont do drugs and forgot i ate the cookie with coffee, and found myself stoned a half an hour later despite my usual routine.

the cookie motivated me to get meredith over and cut, and boil 15 jars of jam.

in retrospect i find smoke to be very productive, but have remained with my intial disatisfaction with the stuff.

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