20 August, 2006

Before the Fall of M. Gonzolez

Maverick Gonzalez stood at the bar while I ordered a tequila sunrise from my bar stool. He wore his hair kind of back and wavy, and stood like he could dance. I wanted a drink to match the color scheme of my homes decor, something to capture the evening spent with a guy who named himself after a character in a Tom Cruise Movie.
We had been walking around Old Town trying to figure which weirdo was doing what, and ended up going into Kactus Kates to put a damper on things. I was trying to figure out if a tequila sunrise should be called a tequila sunset when M told me I could call him when I wanted to interview him for the story I was writing about he and his brothers. I swiveled in my bar stool to say I had already begun. I think he liked that, because The Gonzalez brothers seem to hinge strongly on humor and magic realism.

I went by their family owned upholstery shop after the brothers had helped me out with some photographs. I wanted to thank them and tell them to checkout the story for the Noise. Maverick was sitting at a sewing machine, which is always a refreshing site for me. He began telling me in his storyteller way about how his Dad had up and moved back to Mexico to be reunited with their Mother. That their father had left them with the business of sewing upholstery that he had just left them with the business period. What
a weird event, to have ones parents deported.

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