20 August, 2006

Dale Avenue part 1

I blurted out that there was nothing good about Cottonwood. he disagreed, claiming that I just felt that way because something terrible had happened there, that the Verde Valley was actually a nice place. Maybe he is right, and I am just bitter without admitting it. Maybe there is a shiny lining in a summer of trials. Maybe trial is the urge I needed to get on with life, to meet new and engaging challenges. To have pep talks with myself whilst lost in parking lots late at night.

I put on some red lipstick, and took my bicycle across the street to the neighbors house. JZ had offered to store the bike until I found time to return to Cottonwood to retrieve it. I stood outside his gate almost forlornly as he took my hand and kissed it. Some neighbors are worth keeping, and John Zeigler is one of them. A local hero, who keeps a fine rose garden.

New and engaging challenges. Sounds like an ad on the back of a Cracker Jack box.

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