22 August, 2006

waiting for the train to pass/letters to charles

i know you are busy, but i want to start a publishing
john just wants to farm, but i wonder if he would
who else?
how do i go about this?
i think the first thing published should be a book of
noise writers about current stuff hinging on northern
az.klee would have to play at the party, and also a
hippie band. AND we would have to get in bed with bookmans,
hastings, and that other montrosity . i volunteer to
get in bed with bookmans. i like the managers handlebar mustache.
we chatted for a second at a stop lite while waiting for the train to pass.
not that we know eachother.
i don't know anyone.

looks like i have just hit my writers mode. better go.

cordially, nks

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