24 September, 2006

and shabby but i see light

it is true. i have been avoiding blogging due to my sparce and shabby site. there is no person to fault except myself. meredith has offered lovely design ideas, but i have been shy and somewhat proud, not wanting to deem anothers ideas if hey are not my own first.

nonetheless, i went to a play tonight. and was profoundly moved by the message of youth. the play was pretty much cast of young nes, and they did a sound and moving job at their performance. i cried once again about the immense wrong we did towards the "undesirables" in Germany (and of course elsewhere, in the early and mid portion of the last century.) the jews, homosexuals, and handicap were cast off, eliminated.
like a grade school talent show in todays standards. so cruel. i cried many times.

i also noticed the dashing man in the foyer who wore a sily suit like david burns in his film Stop Making Sense. it was all quite startling. and i was sober, blowing my nose in cocktail napkins, wondering where to go after what i had just witnessed.
i went home and drank my first wine after a two week respite of sleeping early to russian fiction.

Some people brought flowers to a sad
but well executed play.
I saw you looking dashing and kind of silly
in your too big suit
i felt ashamed of admiration for some reason.
I wanted to ask for champagne
but grabbed a cocktail napkin
and blew my nose, instead.
When is the day that this will all
be right?

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