08 September, 2006

Skeeter or Robert?

Dear Sister,
Reading about the former up rise in Burma? My, such heavy reading for late at night…

I just want that mechanic Skeeter to get outa my head. Charles had to verbally pull me out of the mechanics cuz I started in on how it was obvious that skeeter and I had opposing worldviews on life. Skeeter started saying I was irrational and I told him I was really marginally on the car culture, and wanted a sound old fashioned safe car. He said I needed a ford or Chevy or even a Subaru. I looked at Charles like "I told you so."
I called my mystic mechanic in Clarkdale, he was calm and soothed my "elitist" feathers, and he will look at my "beast" next week. I feel I am more suited to a mechanic named Robert than Sweeter. Robert loves foreign quirky cars and their idealist owners.

Kisses, your sissy

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