04 September, 2006

winslow showdown

good morning annie,

had a "show down" at the Winslow, Arizona Goodwill Thriftstore. It was between a crowd of hipsters and meredith and i.
what is it with Winslow, Arizona?
this guy comes up to meredith complaining that his girl friend had a photo in the paper that looked bad, and that someone had given her a mean nickname.
the girl came up and started almost yelling.
Mere and i were calm, but the girl told me to wipe the smirk off my face. i was trying to have "neutral" face.

the week before she had come up to me and said "you are natasha shealy, i read all your stuff.." alll nice and sweet, then she posed in the apple butter gang photo of that i have posted on this page.
well after the article came out meredith nick named her Tha Pitts. which isnt a great idea, but apparently the girl kept hollering "take a photo of my armpits" so Mere monikered her.
too abstract, yes, but Mere is very intellectual and might not have seen the insult.

anyway, show down in the goodwill in winslow.

these people need to be doing more and complaining less?

how are you annie pants? recovered from your alphabet fiasco?

ms. communication

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