05 November, 2006

The Biggest Risk

We cut through the parking lot besides Macys and made haste until Brandon spotted a "free Box" on the stoop of the Aradia Bookstore. It was filled with hundreds of business cards with affirmations and suggestions emblazened on them. I grabbed a handful of cards that boldly suggested to "Surrender instead of quit". There was a blank space underneath the suggestion where one could scribble in their name and phone number just in case someone ran into some sort of regret or trouble over surrendering, and needed someone to call.
Brandon had an eye for survival, and ushered us down the street towards the Greyhound bus station. He off handedly mentioned he was thinking about getting a job at the Station to supplement his job at the museum. I understood.
We were catching the bus to go see a movie at the Harkins theatre. I had asked him to show me the public transportation system for Flagstaff. he obliged me with a quick tutorial.
i took a laminated card out of my pocket and stared at it as we made our way down Milton Avenue. It read, "The biggest risk in life is not to risk at all."

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