24 November, 2006

Dear Ellen,

let me get this off my chest-

i am tired of being poor! i am supposed to be
writing a book or something with this time, but i
didnt. i am guilty-it feels like Catholic guilt.

okay. there...

i was in this bookstore the other day with charles,
when we started having a hearty conversation with the owner and her
accomplice.when i told the accomplice i needed to bring my mother up from
cornville to visit the bookshop, he mentioned he had noticed
there was an up and coming writer from cornville who
lived with her mom.
it turned out he was talking about me. (minus the living with the mother addition. I am not jane austin)
i was surprised, because i have never once thought of myself
as up and coming. just sustaining.

the accomplice told me i should move back to Cornville, and develop that character.

yes. the character represented below...

Your Comrade, Natasha

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