10 January, 2007

When I spoke with Dad he mentioned that the same day he recieved notice that he had passed the national nursing exam, he had also recieved word that rennie has cancer.
She was silent except when she put her arm through his on the way out of the hospital and calmly told him the news.
The only person she thought of to help her through this ordeal besides God and Dad was Libby Woodruff, her friend and neighbor, that she had been somewhat estranged from for
many years. She and Libby had been college roommates, and eventually bought farms next to each other. They held weaving workshops and tried to live the dream they had built whilst in art school. I was a little girl during this time, and remember fondly these days when they were close. Libby was somehow woven into our lives since day one.she was there when both Olivia and I were born. which seems a miracle, because we were born of different mommas.
Out of everything I have heard in the past few weeks, Rennie and Libby being reunited
is what sticks in my mind most. It has pained me to see sisters separated when they have so much love to share.
Futhermore, I see this as a special time in Rennie and Dads relationship. A time that Dad can give the love he has, and Rennie can accpet it and feel adored by her man.
What else can we do?

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