07 February, 2007

From a reader of our little ole publication

Uno, as a publication, you shouldn't do tasteless reviews like that
on a band. It's obvious that your music department needs a few professionals who aren't biased from the start and actually know about music. It's a small town, with a great deal of "bro's" and "sista's" too. I suggest you read the article below,
it's pretty much Flagstaff's response. Today, we were laughing at the fact that we are even discussing this...cuz nobody even read's The Noise.
Your neighboors


Dear Chance & Ryan,

It is clear that you are offended by the music editors recent review... As an artist I have learned to weather all sorts of reviews. I am open to hearing the
views of those I disagree with. It breeds improvement.

Does not everyone run the risk of a less than stellar review when they mail off a press kit to the media, or hang a gallery show? Or does one ask for critique with
a set answer in mind? Well, we are not that kind of publication.
The Noise is distributed from Prescott to Winslow. Many folks approach me, earnestly thanking us for providing them with a platform to which they can
express themselves publicly.
We are the voice of the people, not just our friends. We are INDIE, fueled by local advertisers, artists, and writers. Our voice comes from local money, not a
corporation. This exhibits our immense dedication to giving a voice to the ENTIRE community to which we serve.Even if it means publishing something we may
personally not agree with... If nothing else, our willingness to publish the Gravy review proves that no one has us by the balls.

This my fellow Northern Arizonian, is an example of
true community. The ability to hear and express
opinion in a free forum. So don't be angry, its

To be capable of
printing his reactive reply the next day,Ryan must have read The Noise the very afternoon we distributed our latest edition . That sounds
like dedicated readership to me!

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