06 April, 2007

i started crying at work yesterday. I was trying to prepare for death, but felt like i could not because i wanted to see Rennie. Olivia said she looks the best that she as ever seen her. Beautiful? Peaceful?
Life is upside down right now. Mother asking if i want to go live at the island for the summer to take care of Aunt Veda, Andrew asking me if i want to go to some Nevada hotel
for a night.Rennie going into surgery in a few days. My job ending, car broken, the Verde Independent asking if i want to be a reporter for them.

Carmen saw me crying and began calling her friends to see if she could find someone to
buy my car. I called my Clarkdale mechanic and started crying whilst speaking to him.
I went home and watched a film with my happy housemate Stephanie. God bless friends.

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