14 May, 2007

Can We believe I am packing up my stuff and going to the Verde Valley for the summer?
I feel sheepish, and disappointed about the publishing company, yet hopeful for spending the summer with Stacy at Buena Vista. I see it will be a bit of tag team
skill in the heat of the Arizona summer. Poor kids being led by idealistic thirty somethings.
Hoping to work on another water issues story with Jan, an interesting accomplice, and man of professed ethical center. He has the brains. Does that leave me being the one with brawn? Anyway if it goes like the song, it will be a good story, and even better summer.
After summer I am not sure what will transpire. Asheville? Northern,Az? Kenya?
Maybe blessed by love.


Monkeybabylon said...

Such a lovely creature you are, intellectually-speaking as well. I'm sure you'll rustle up some good juju somehow.

Anonymous said...

she reminds me of a chess game with someone I admire or a picnic in the rain after a praire fire...