01 May, 2007

I forgot my password to theredheart and was left to commune face to face.
Some new things on the agenda:

1. Picking out a garden plot at the community garden
2. getting up to to the modest two miles once my knee heals.
( i fell down in front of the highschool yesterday and banged up my knee.
It was embarrasing cuz there was a gang of skater kids watching. i felt like
an old lady!) Darn potholes. should i claim workmans comp? nah.
3. I have an interview at the Publishing house here in flagstaff on wednesday. I
have been trying to figure out what to wear, but now that my knee has made me
walk stiff legged, I will forgo the classy high heels.
4. I need a haircut.
5. hous sitting andrews chilly abode on wednesday. flat tv here i come!

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