23 May, 2007

The month of May lags on. A tugboat of warm weather and the valley bellow. Charles and Meredith make small concentric circles of progress towards their move and publishing yet another month of The Noise. I make small centric circles of progress in my packing.
I have managed to sort my clothing into piles. I am frustrated daily by the stuff. Mother keeps shopping the sales and discount stores for presents for me which takes up the majority of stuff I have. I have never been able to get through to her that one NICE item every once and a while is perfect. I would like to receive something that can last a few seasons. Something of quality and worth. This mostly applies to the clothes she picks up for me from Wal-Mart.
Its funny irony, because I haven't step foot in Wal-Mart in a year.

"Shopping is a political act. " Dory Shealy

I hear that Baker is making his way to the states to take part in the tail end of the 40 day fast and prayer that will end 7-7-7. baker fasts almost constantly. I take notice of his immense love for his creator, but also wonder if he is crazy.
I am wondering if he is coming to ask me to marry him. Would this be good? Would this be a mistake? I try not to judge this too quickly. I am ready to accept my mate/fate. I keep telling myself that.
They say we manifest to us what we think inside. Africa seems to be around me in a few different forms, and I hope to have an adult beverage with Jan this week. I don't really care to talk about our water story though, my brian is too full. I would like to talk about his dream of opening a liberal arts school in Africa. He mentioned that he wanted to give each student a horse to care for. I like that a lot. Anyway. Africa is in the universal brain. So, 2007.

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Anonymous said...

I say go for it! Marry him!!