11 June, 2007


The Martin Luther King jr. Community center offered free aerobics classes on Tuesday and Thursday. I started going there, in hopes of getting a little excercise.
It was a funny set up, with a bunch of overweight black ladies and me jumping up and down to outdated, up beat cardio targeted music played out of a boom box. The instrctor was a svelte nurse, who would sometimes be accompanied by her doctor husband. They would jazz it up side by side.

The most interesting part of this aerobic regime was what took place before hand and immediately after. Our fearless leader would ask us to come together for prayer. We would clasp hands in the middle of the gym and pray. Pray for deleverence from sin, asking the Lord to "Please not let us eat that chocalote cake, nor french fries."
I thought this was brillant and funny, but soon began to wish my own wishes. While I didn't dare dream, I did ask for help finding my way. I did this in my white girl head, never out loud like the ladies that clasped my hands.

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