19 June, 2007

There is a lot to explain that I am meaning to explain to you in person. Family comes first beyond career choices, and I trust I will be blessed upon return to western NC.
Closure is a hard one for me, but I am happy I am taking an extra two Weeks to tie up ends with the good people of the Verde Valley.

I have to admit I am excited to move to the family farm. I enjoy making improvements and want to find a way to let the land succeed.
I am also jazzed about checking in on the Asheville Global Report to see if I fit anywhere in the modernized form of information exchange. Eamon Martin left is putting the print version of the paper to rest, and will focus on the broadcast of a half an hour long news program on URTV. Apparently it is popular. People like to watch tv.

Here are some photos of Marshall North Carolina. I will post some of my own PDQ.
God Speed, Friends!

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Anonymous said...

family does indeed come first, thats how I come to be in tempe. new mexico's enchantments are calling, I just cant let it be sirens. jagged rocks on the perimeter you know.