28 July, 2007

The Farm Journal

So I had my first go at canning green beans today.
my father chopped up beans into two inch parcels then stuck em in the fridge over nite. he has been really excited about me sharing this experience with him and elected my Saturday to be spent letting him direct me. Olivia some how got out of it and spent her afternoon brooding and sewing in the studio.

I was scared of the pressure cooker, and left the house as the pot was let to sit for an hour releasing steam...i didn't want to blow my head off. Dad told me about how his grandma blew the side of her house off from the steam of a hotwater heater.
He like to tell stories sometimes, but I believe in the force of steam.

Anyway, it is an easy enough process that I will write down, and post.


Tim said...

Pressure Cooker Bombs

Ever notice that even terrorist seem get involved with "fads?" It seems that the latest is a new type of improvised explosive device that is all too common in the area of the Indian subcontinent. The pressure cooker bomb is becoming the terrorist's weapon of preference

Anonymous said...

Am I the only person who thinks it's ridiculous that because Wal-Mart, Big Brother Extraordinaire, has deemed organic food to be the Next Big Thing, that companies such as Kellogg's are frantically transforming their products, i.e.: Rice Krispies, into seemingly organic versions? According to an article in Friday's New York Times food manufacturers are bending over backwards for Wal-Mart, and reformulating highly processed items like Kraft's Macaroni & Cheese. Doesn't that seem a bit like Pamela Anderson claiming her boobs are now real? This dilution of the word "organic" is very disheartening. What do you think?

The Red Heart said...


The Red Heart said...

thats really funny tim!