30 July, 2007

The Farm Journal

I think Doris from the Zine Doris is washing dishes at Rosettas Kitchen. Maybe it isn't her..but she looks familar and gave me a couple sideways "hi " glances.

I used to like Doris till she snatched the guy I was hanging out with without even talking to me about it. Turns out people would openly talk about how dumb he was, like it was common knowledge, and that it was okay to say things like that. She wasn't dumb though, and apoligized.

Doris took up with Cometbus were seldom seen while I was paying attention.
Shortly after the pink house disbanned and I hear they are up near where I live building places to live in the woods.

On second thought she is too young to be her. never mind.
Do you ever notice how there are people that look like people from another similar city or time? The Black glasses the messed hair. the sideways glance.
But don't worry,
there is only one of you.


Anonymous said...

No matter how much liberals try to dress up their nutty superstitions about global warming as "science," which only six-fingered lunatics could doubt, scratch a global warming "scientist" and you get a religious fanatic.

The only place Al Gore conserves energy these days is on the treadmill. I don't want to suggest that Al's getting big, but the last time I saw him on TV I thought, "That reminds me — we have to do something about saving the polar bears."

If this is how global warming devotees defend their scientific theory, it may be a few tweaks short of a scientific theory. Scientific facts are not subject to liberal bullying — which, by the way, is precisely why liberals hate science.

Anonymous said...

How do you get 20 hippies into a phone booth? Throw in a joint.
How do you get them out? Throw in a bar of soap.

Why are hippies like bears? They both hug, eat honey and shit in the woods.

How many hippies does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Hippies don't screw in lightbulbs, they screw in sleeping bags.

Why do so many hippies live in Eugene, Oregon? There's no work there.

Why did the hippie cross the road? Who else would follow a chicken around?

Where can you hide money from a hippie? Under a bar of soap.
How do ya tell if a hippy chick is on the rag?
She's only got one sock.

What's the difference between a hippy and a rainbow?

A hippy will come to visit and hang around for a long time, a rainbow will come to visit, hang around a long time, but they'll wash your dishes.

Unknown said...

Federale, Why do you keep posting irrevelant stuff on my site?

Anonymous said...

hey cool, thats the cover of one of my favorite cometbus's ever. second only to the one i misplaced about 10 years ago with the europe broken bike tour, canal via stolen boat, and traveling jugglers with the pogues tape.