23 July, 2007

This afternoon Ben and I made some almond butter and rasberry jam sandwhiches and headed up the path to the "Running Place." We noted a few crimson leaves on the rocky
road bellow us, and picked them up to put in his basket. One walks from Old Chestnut Road to Fabric Path till they get to an open field that leads to the Running Place.
Its just a path made for running on.
My legs are getting stronger due to all the hills I have been making it up.
I will strengthen my arms tomarrow by scrubbing down the deck with a Dr. Bronner/Bleach solution to kill the slippery algae. A boring and intense chore, but afterwards we wont have to worry about slipping on the deck. This is a real worry sense all three Shealys wear cowboy boots.

Jake and I talked about trading labor! He is all for it. This means I get a wall put in before Fall, and we will get a ceilling in the main house! Lord, yes!

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