20 August, 2007

Farm Journal

Yesterday the Woodruffs came over for brunch. This was a relief after a few days on the farm without anything new to distract my mind. We had Momosas and tamales on the front porch. Olivia was nervous about starting nursing school, Dad was anxious about her as well. Jim and Libby had him settled into the porch while the daughters cooked and poured themselves liberal bits of bubbly.

Later Anna& I went to the pasture to lunge Cory, our quarter horse. She does not believe in the cowboy way of training a horse. Don't break them, but speak their language.
Apparently I am good at speaking horse. Anna praised us both till Cory was blushing almost as much as me.
I thought about Cory the rest of the night with a dreamy half smile on my face.

Things are moving right along in Marshall. There is talk of an avante garde movie house moving in at the old church. Can you believe that?

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