07 August, 2007

It is time to donate blood again. As I wade my way through my thirties I think of health, or mortality.
Last night my friend from the neighboring farm was startled when I told her that I had type O - blood. I knew it was rare, but I wasn't prepared to hear what she said next.
She said that those with 0 - blood are universal donors, but can only accept transfusions from their own blood type.Furthermore, if their child forms with a different blood type they will need a blood transfusion!!
So does this mean I need to mate with my own blood type?

I have been researching this, and have found that the majority of the worlds population of 0- blood types are from the Basque region. Southern France and Northern Spain.The oldest blood type on earth... Where would this come from except from my Grandmother Plaxico?

Anyway. What is your blood type darling?

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