05 September, 2007

I had my first real panic attack on Friday. Either that, or I was attacked by demons.
It began with a phone conversation with a family friend who claimed that my step ma Rennie, had spoke through her friend Jenny. Spoken through her, like channeled through her.

I started crying when she read me the message, which I took to be a creepy sign.

Later when I got to Zuma Coffee house, I got a call from my sister , who had yet to hear the Channeled message. This didn't stop her from having a panic attack of her own on the phone. She thought something deeply wrong had happened to Father,or me.
It blew my socks off.

After that I started making all the sandwiches backwards, while Joel got testy and paced around the kitchen. I didn't like the feeling at all. I started to feel feverish and couldn't seem to grasp what I was supposed to be doing... Who the hell is Jenny, and why can't Rennie talk to us directly?

Later that night I screamed into my pillow in animal sized slobbery tears that
Now was this yummy pie, or a pie graph? I am not certain.

It felt great to yell this. But the best part was when fire ball Sarah Owen, baked me a pumpkin pie. I walked down her holler eating the sweet inside of the pie, trying to internalize, that I had indeed gotten my fucking pie.

I don't jive with channels. it reminds me of that movie where the girl gets possessed and spins her head around in fits of demonic rage. We don't need any of that around Hogskin Branch.
Anyway that ended my two day career as a sandwich maker.

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