28 October, 2007

The Farm Journal

I woke to the sounds of Max & Cory snorting outside my window. My eyes remained closed as I visualized the pasture in my mind, examining the fence line, while trying to picture where they had trampled the fence to escape. Maybe They where shape shifting, and crawling through the size of a shoe box, or maybe they had become human, and where unhooking the fence.
Whom ever the horses were this morning, they were free again, and snorting outside my window in triumph.

I missed the thread. party last night. Our family had a quiet night together, nothing remarkable, or fun. We were just together, being okay.
Sometimes going to big parties is too much for me. I didn't feel like drinking, and I knew that for me to go last night, I would have. I swear that I can feel the electricty radiating off of people sometimes...And it being Halloween weekend, it was trifold. The night before I had been pulled over for having a tail light out. The officer read my eyes, but never asked if I had been drinking. I hadn't.
Once getting home, Olivia found the horses in the yard again. Max had a huge gash on his head. We spent a good amount of time with him that night. Olivia was quite the nurse with her medicine and towel. Afterwards we started arguing. Our first spat since I moved home at the end of June.
We agreed that it was the full moon Haloween energy making us do it. It sounds kind of weird maybe. But how can folks not be effected by thousands of people trying to be wild and wicked, intentionally?
So we went to bed, blaming it on the party moon...

I took this photograph in Flagstaff, Az. I was lucky enought to capture the moon beside the steeple of the funny pink Catholic Church on the corner of Beaver St.
The Church of Immaculate Conception (:

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