11 December, 2007

Was today the cats meow, or what? Even the grumpy old men were cheery with our balmy 70 degree weather. My co-worker whistled the Nutcracker while I painted the last of the exterior doors on the "greenest" house around besides those folks over on the Brush Creek community.

I have been busy felting up any wool I can get my mits on, which isn't much. I now notice how many clothes are made out of plastic. Anyway, I have been felting sweaters, then converting them into arm warmers. No big deal unless you like free arms in the winter like myself. My limbs don't care to be bound.

Olivia is quitting nursing school. We are going to be using the Marshall High Studio for a lot more textile geared stuff in the Spring. I have had quite a few folks ask me about using my space for a class or workshop. I am in to it!

Looks like the season of light is upon us. I love this time of year as long as I don't think about the money money money part. There are a few people I need to spend more time with, and I hope to catch up soon. Kindred spirits I miss you!

Sister and I plan to walk from downtown Marshall to Big Pine on New Years Day.
We were going to ride horses, but I haven't gotten them in shape. I was inspired to
walk after hearing of a friends plan to walk to Big Pine from the lovely Sandy Mush


Anonymous said...

Hello Natasha!

Anonymous said...

What a nice farm! WOW!

It's a long fucking walk from Marshall to Big Pine.

Even if your truck isn't broke down.


NATASHA SHEALY-natasha@thenoise.us said...

Gawd, I wish I had a truck to haul rubbish away with!
I know, it is a long freakin' walk to the farm, but, BUT, will will split it up by spending the night on lower Paw Paw.

Any advice?