14 February, 2008

The Farm Journal

I think I will spend the day letting my computer analyze me, then sneak away to the red neck tanning booth to beat the mid winter blues. Does that sound like a good plan?
Our neighbor, Ronald, keeps cattle up the holler from us, and drives his ATV up there every day or so to check on his beasts. I saw him scootin' it up the road today with his wife wrapped around his waist like pair of young lover birds.
That was really cute. I wish I had a photograph to show the world. They have a son
my age. He is a tall poplar tree with hair the color of fire.

Besides that, I sat in the sun and read the last four issues of The Noise, and thought about getting a real, full time job so I can finish the cabin. Jobs, career, action. It is on the brain these days.

The itchy winter is almost over, and I will be freed to make my way out into the world again. Its been fun and horrible being this unemployeed, but I find that I just can not write anything good right now. I just stare at the screen then search my bag for lotion or booze.

I am thinking if I go back to work, and make some money towards that cabin, I might start getting creative again. Maybe social worker, maybe media writer for Mars Hill College? Maybe a bartender? Prolly shouldn't try the bartender thing...I fall alseep at night unless I am drinking. I can see where that would lead.

Anyway. I am anticipating something wonderful happening in a general sort of way. Maybe it will involve a friend.

Spell check isn't working today. Blame it on the valentines flying through cyberspace.

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