09 March, 2008

Farm Journal

Good Morning Madison!
Today is a good day to start those baby seeds!
You can use egg cartons and potting soil, little pots, trays, or those neato expandable peat moss disks...They cost a shiny nickel a piece.

Anyway, I started some lettuce, peppers & chard this morning.
I want to get lettuce going all spring and summer. More to share!

For some reason planting by the new moon seems to work for farming. I am pleased to know that the moon cycle is the same from every vantage point. So if you live in Kenya, and are wondering if today is the day to plant.
Farmers Almanac

Furthermore, I hear that Tractor Supply in Weaverville is getting the baby chicks in!
Tractor Supply

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Vicki Lane said...

Two words for you if you want lettuce all summer -- shade cloth.