22 May, 2008

What do you think? Should I get this brood of does and her wee kids? There is one male in the batch, but if castrated, I think this could be a good introduction to goat sausage. Like a gateway to goat butchery.
The doe is Nubian, which means goats cheese. The does are Nubian/Boer mix which equals cheese and the possibility of meat.

Is this in over my head? I am I ready to milk goats? Well...If I ain't then I can let Henrietta's milk dry up and take the kids to Johnson City to get butchered.


Anonymous said...

Goats! You gotta get some goats. That was always a dream of mine. Let me live vicariously through you!

As far as butchering them and making them into sausage, eesh, this I hadn't considered.

Ellen Jo

Anonymous said...

I got goats fer sure cousin. I like to sit with them in the pen and stroke them. If I hold them enough I will be able to get them to behave like dogs maybe even cats.

I wonder if this works with people.