25 July, 2008

They told me to get a gun.
Target practice on the property to mark my territory... Like a dog pissing on the old maple. I will shoot whatever I can find to shoot in hopes of keeping J.D. Henderson off the property.

He pulled a trailer and mattress up to the property line of one of the homes I am looking after. From the looks of it, he likes to lay on the mattress and drink Budweiser,then throw the empty bottles over the fence onto his neighbors yard.

Keep a gun.
Why shouldn't I? He showed up outside of Anna & Adams house last night blaring the country station and layin' on the horn like he might of passed out on his steering wheel. I thought I was having a redneck nightmare.

The law reccomends we arm ourselves. I told them that if that was their reccomendation, then they shouldn't be alarmed if I do. No matter which way you cut it, the police can't get to anyware in this county in less than 30 minutes unless they happen to be at the end of the driveway. The citizens of this county like it that way. Thats why we are are here right? It's just that it also means one might take the law into their own hands if it comes to that.


Unknown said...

Makes me think of that Aerosmith song "Janie's Got a Gun"...the whole world's come undone... - Do what ever you must to keep yourself safe. Do you also have a big dog??

Anonymous said...

I have Larry Clyde the hound for the time being.
Janies gotta gun...

Anonymous said...

This is another world you're living in, cousin. That trailer with the mattress on it is completely amazing and insane.