20 August, 2008

Farm or not to Farm

It is the middle of August, and I have managed to slip through summer without a sunburn nor a heat rash or hickeys. Being strong and autonomous has become a bad habit, as I watch weird pairings of lonely people,and dream of a vacation to Nova Scotia where we could sleep late and perfect our bedhead.

Marshall, USA is special. Many folks here earnestly feel proud of their little town. We keep planning fun activities to entertain the tourists, but find the biggest satisfaction from the knitting together of a people who were once strangers to each other. Old school meets new school. Sometimes, when we are thoughtful, we stop to wonder on it all. Usually we are too busy living.

With all the nostalgia and dreamy thoughts about our community, I can not help but note the poverty stricken hollers and calculate what will come of the "salt of the earth." I see the reality on a daily basis as I drive up into the remote communities, collecting small stories, remembering the faces of children who are growing up way too soon.

On a hopeful note, I will begin an oral history project in September with the youth connected to my work. We are getting assistance from UNC Asheville, and will be sending our recordings to UNC TV.
I can always use camera people...so...?

i hear there is a new swimming hole in downtown Marshall.


Anonymous said...

As usual your insights are write on!
Nice voice.
And where is there a swim whole?

Anonymous said...

on the island by the new kiln(: water is clear and been tested ok.

Anonymous said...