25 September, 2008

Farm Journal

-I saw the ad below posted on craigslist in the Missed Connections section-

I have inside knowledge that gas will be delivered
to the BP Mr.Pete's..highway 26 at New Airport Rd.
Exit 44 off 26. It will be delivered at 6 am Thurs.
across from the airport. Pass it on.

Usually in the Missed Connections section men and women lament their near meetings, hoping to find the one who will light up their life.

The heart on this posting was designed by Ben Walters, he used the image for a business card for my sisters textile business.
Which reminds me that we a re putting together a begining sewing class for the second weekend in November. She will teach basic machine use. There are only 5 slots, so if you are around and want to do this talk to me.

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