16 September, 2008

A million miles from the farm journal

Here is another one of Alice Dubois' astral plane paintings. Have you ever peered upon a demon such as this? I have, and I say "STAY AWAY !"
There were a lot of those sort of creatures in the new age town of Sedona, or maybe they snuck into my imagination as a child.

Apparently this isn't an unfamilar topic. My mother says she sees things scurry across the room from time to time and sends them to the light. Some folks carry on conversations outloud and get taken to Broughton. William Blake spoke with God, and invented his illuminated printing process.

Me? i would mind a word of outside encouragement from an impressive and holy source today. Just keep the shapeshifters away from my yard.


ashley english said...

My mom believes she wakes up with demons like this at the foot of her bed. Demons or the occasional Arch Angel, whoever's free, I suppose.
Have you heard about the Hmong who died and those that didn't saying they were being suffocated by demons on their chest while they were sleeping?
The first painting you posted took me to the Astral plane wiki, which then took me to Buddhist cosmologies, which eventually led me to the Watchmen and Dr. Manhattan. 'Twas productive rabbit-holing, thank you very much.

Unknown said...

why is the bikini-clad girl feeding the monster her TV remote control?? Oh wait - yeah, it's a good idea...

Anonymous said...

WOW Ashley, you are on it. I am really interested in folks who see angels and demons.

The painter has not intentionally claimed her realm to be of the astral plane, but I crtique it as such.