23 February, 2009

Farm Journal

I have got my eye on this tub for the cabin/condo! It is the perfect size 4 and a half feet... I think. Now I need to build a water tank to connect to the future water heater. I hear there are now German water heaters that heat on demand, saving
money and saving energy.
Tankless Water Heater


Unknown said...

Natasha - Tankless water heaters are also made by Rheems (a US company). My friend has one in her large Atlanta home and they heat up very quickly and you aren't paying to heat hot water that is just sitting in your tank - genius technology. We're hoping to have one in our house that Matt will be building for us in Big Pine - hopefully this year - unless we are all in soup kitchen lines...

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz ! Very cool. See you on Big Pine