03 February, 2009

This is an image from the Life of Joe and Eric Legge. It's funny what a serendipitous man Eric is. Zuma Coffee was the last place he shared a cup a coffee with his father Joe, before he died suddenly a few days later. Odd enough, the owner of Zuma's (Joel Friedman) was also at Eric's FIRST art show ever at the Howard Finster Fest in Summerville, Georgia. Joel bought a piece from Eric, because it's likeness was to his wife. By unforeseen happenstance, I asked Joel if we might hang Eric's work in Zuma, for a fresh start to a fine meeting place. Legge's show will hang at Zuma till mid March...Check out the very interesting book about him sitting on the coffee table.
(Below is an image of Eric's former gallery off of Lexington Avenue. He was forced to close in January.)

Little did I knowthe rest of the story
Opening night is Feb. 13th!! Mad Tea party will play, and I hear the Queen of Hearts is due for an appearance. 7-9 PM

Photos by Micheal Traister

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