02 March, 2009

Another six weeks of firewood. The Countdown has begun!

I feel really disconnected from the farm right now. As You might have noticed from my blog. The town of Marshall is so wonderful, with so much opportunity, that I didn't spend much time up on the mountain this winter.
I haven't even ordered seeds! people are already planting potatos! I have only planted virtual potatos on my Farm Town application on Facebook. How lame is that?

Next week I will help pull electrical wiring through my condo, one step further to building my nest. Oh how I love the dream of my nest. A condo/cabin off the grid with solar shower for starts. I am looking for a bathtub, but the guy that owns the bathtub in the previous post said I couldn't have his tub, but could pose IN it if I wanted. Gross! Why would I want to do that?

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