19 March, 2009

OMG this Island is going to spin into outerspace!

RumOr has it Rob Seven is Driving this:


who: The Elumenati, Black Mountain College + Arts Center, Earth Voyage
what: 360 tour of the universe and Space Dance inside a mobile planetarium. Yes, really.

where: Marshall High Studios, downtown Marshall.

when: Friday, March 20 (6:30 p.m. until late. $10. Beer, wine, food available for purchase.)

why: If there are people who don’t want to dance the night away inside a giant geodesic dome with galaxies projected on the walls, well, we don’t know them. The evening starts with a 6:30 p.m. screening of the Black Mountain College documentary Fully Awake. At 7:30, take a simulated space voyage in a digital planetary dome or enter the mind of Buckminster Fuller through an interactive geometric installation. At 9:30, learn what it really means to get lost in space when you dance in the dome. Also watch for the fire dancers around the bonfire. Is that enough action for you?

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