07 April, 2009

Wild & The End of the World

I am a product of idyllic parent's teethed on the encyclopedia of rural ism books like, Back to Eden, The Good Life, and Mother Earth News back when the pages were newsprint, and prolly used as toilet paper. I spent stints without a toilet, living in a tent, and thought hitchhiking was a prerequisite to growing up, a fun rite of passage if you dare. A common mix of contradiction, I had owned two guns by the time I was 21, and figured the end of the world was coming since I was five, cuz Dad was stockpiling Levi's and dry beans.
I am figuring the key in all of this, is to let it come...
But I hope Mad Max shows up on the farm...A few of the Mad Max gang ride their bikes through Madison County and back on a regular basis. I wonder why they are so intent on getting to Asheville?



ellen jo said...

This is great, Tasha.
I sure do miss reading your regular publications. Maybe you should send me a packet of writing to tide me over for a while.
Photocopies of your recent articles, Zines sewn with red thread, and whatever other scribblings you've been jotting down. In turn, I'll send you a bundle of Noise.

Anonymous said...

love you !