07 May, 2009

Community Garden Update-

Why plant a garden on the Island when we have gardens at home? Because it builds community, and we need to learn to grow food, lots of it. The majority of children from this area do not know the skills of their grandparents, and are landlocked without jobs and even transportation. The poverty level in this region should not be dismissed. Food is a key.

Anyway, off my soap box. Clowie donated some broccoli,cabbage and some other hearty plants yesterday. She is a neat girl, and I look forward to getting to know her.

I had a good chat with David S. about companion planting, and we have decided to plant marigolds amongst the tomato plants. I am excited to see dye producing plants in the garden. Libby W. and Selinde are the fabric artists who are interested in growing dye producing plants...I can't wait to talk to them about other dye plants we can grow!

After we get the rows tilled, again, David and I are going to form rows.. Hopefully soon if it ever stops raining!
I will post the date and time.

UPDATE: gary and Ben tilling sat am, maybe david and i planting later saturday

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