30 June, 2009

Tell Us Your Story! Kids Saving History Project

Call To Tell Your Story!

Kids Saving History, A video history project funded by Project Challenge and the Madison County Rotary Club is asking you to tell us a story! Project Challenge is a local, non-profit agency dedicated to helping youth serve their community. Project Challenge believes this is best done through making connections and building worth in the children it serves.

Earlier this year, the Rotary Club granted Project Challenge funding to purchase a video camera for the participants in the program to collect local histories throughout the county. Kids Saving History is a regional program that builds confidence and understanding through interviewing people in the community.

Project Challenge is asking for your stories, tales and tours of what Madison County should not forget. So give us a call, and let the kids interview you about growing up in the county, or what it was like to move here. Tell us words of wisdom about growing up, or how you have served your community, funny or sad, just tell the tale!

Contact Natasha Shealy @ 380-9759.

All video footage will be donated to Mars Hill College .

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