24 July, 2009

Can Marshall Sustain A Children's Program?

I would like to start an after school program in Marshall, town proper. I used to run an art's based children's program in Arizona, and learned a lot about how to find quality through community involvement.

The program would be comprised of four facets being:

2.Nature & Physical Activity
3.Life skills (including community service,ethics)
4.The Arts

These encapsulate the multiple intelligences.

Each day would be structured around these pillars, with volunteer presenters from the community spanning from music to service and everything in between.

Snacks would be provided by local restaurants and grocery stores.

The price would be $2-3 hour per child, with limited scholarship available.

I made my ideas public just 24 hours ago and have received a big response. Respected community members have offered donations and art's support. This leads me to believe I am on the right track with this.

Love to you all!

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