05 July, 2009

Upcoming French Broad Friday !

Lots of fun things are lined up for our next French Broad Friday event! Bring your wheels - bicycles, tricycles, unicycles, rollerblades, roller skates, skateboards, wagons, strollers - - anything that is human-powered.

Here's what is planned so far in downtown Marshall for this evening:

* Opening at the Madison County Arts Council featuring musical instruments 5PM to 7PM.
* Opening at Zuma featuring artist Josie Mosser and music by DJ Raf's (down tempo dance) from 6PM to 8PM;
* Helmet and Bike Decorating at Good Stuff Grocery at 7PM;
* Goodies and giveaways - streamers and playing cards for the spokes and more;
* Carriage Rides provided free by Worley's Farrier & Carriage Service (tips are accepted);
* FREE CONCERT in the SECU Parking lot (near the corner of Main and Bailey Branch) - featuring Pistol Creek from Maryville, TN from 9PM to 11PM.

What the heck is Bike-a-licious??? The Bike-a-licious term came out of a committee meeting many months ago. The group wanted to tie in to the Rotary Club's 4th annual Hot Doggett 100 Bike Tour (which is the day after our French Broad Friday event). Lots of names were floated out and someone said "bike" and someone said "delicious" at the same time and it came out "bikealicious". The name stuck. Maybe it will hit the list of new words for Webster's!!

Hope to see LOTS of people and LOTS of wheels of all kinds

Photo Of Natasha and Tim at Fat Tire festival, photos by Ellen Jo.