12 August, 2009

Warm Morning

I have been looking online for a clear image of a Warm Morning upright stove. So far this image is the best I have stumbled upon. The Dog Daze are here, and i feel fall in the air, swear I do! Maybe it is the site of the school buses prematurely making their curvy routs up Big Pine, or maybe it is all the wood we chopped this weekend.
Phil Cheney is the best! He not only showed me how to use a chainsaw, he tackled the
felled trees that the power company had knocked down near my abode. He got a few walnut and a few popular and one locust. But you know what they say, save the locust!
What really knocked my socks off was watching Mr. Cheney handle the go-devil, which is a giant axe. He swung it over his head like Paul Bunyan and hit the still green walnut logs like a grand slam through the ball park. It was magic. I know this because I tried, and almost toppled over backwards when the go-devil tried to make it's arc over my head. Cheers to small miracles!


ellen jo said...

Your description of this event was magical and took me right there, with the Go-Devil. That's gotta take some serious skill.

natasha said...

He is awesome!