27 November, 2009

The Warm Morning stove is like having a breastfeeding baby. Since it is a coal stove one needs to cut the standard log in half. The standard log is about 18 inches on the average...That is a lot of busy work. I hope I get off of chainsaw probation soon!

Cheney thinks I am an unusual sort for living so far away from the people of my generation. Or perhaps from people in general. But I feel like I see folks all the time, but maybe it is more controlled. They generally don't come huffing up my holler, but I do come rolling into the town of Marshall, my tires covered in mud and my shirt filled with lint.
So what of it? Is it avante garde to do this or move to Brooklyn? Honestly Brooklyn sounds like a stress mess of overqualificated's with good hair. This is kind of a low blow, but I experienced this in San Francisco a few years back.


amy said...

I'm gonna come huffing up into your holler one of these winter days.

NATASHA SHEALY-natasha@thenoise.us said...

Huffing like the big bad wolf?