04 November, 2009

Return to my own woods of wonder, or woods of thunder

I have just returned from the longest and most creatively explosive week of my life. Penland School is up there in creative experiences, except at the Doo-Nanny we ran the place. The place being the Woods Of Wonder in Seale, Alabama. Land owned by the prolific Butch Anthony and his dog Sport. Words can not really explain the modern gypsy lifestyle built up for a brief explosion into the ether's of Alabama night.

I met a lot of great people who are darn good at coming together to build infrastructure, a kitchen,hot water bathing, a three tiered stage, Nevada tents with proper beds inside. You could tell great thought was put into the details. Thank you Bob 7 for all of your sensual notations...like candles, lotions, aeroplane bottles of booze, breezy scarf walls and cast iron tub bathing facilities. BA came every day an took away trash and brought us more scraps to which the men built a three story Doo-Nanny, which was eventually burnt upon the apex of the event.

I think Phil Cheney has been deemed," The Man Who Built the Most."

more later (:

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