31 December, 2009


Out: Smooshed solar showers...

In: Sauna bath house with a claw foot tub!

Furthering my quest to live a good life, the side slanting  polar tree toppled over into the pasture last week, smushing the solar shower my father designed last summer. Don't worry, the solar panel was not touched, and now we can salvage the materials to
build the sauna bath house of my dreams. The bath house with use creek and rain water kept in the blue
cistern you see here to the right. I am also going to hook the cistern up to an outdoor sink, in hopes of solving the big dish washing dilemma. I don't want to be one of those people eating out of a pot the rest of my life because I don't want to wash the dishes. Anyway,
this is just another step in building a rural life without going into debt.

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