13 December, 2009

Rewilding a Person

Thinking about the piles of coal on the side of the train tracks, thinking about the dead standing trees consumed by the locust blight. I froze the house plants due to my frilvolity. One of the jade plants came from Mr. Weaver, Mom, Rennie and Libby Woodruff's weaving teacher from school back in Georgia. Damnit Janet!
Yesterday was the last day for hunting. No more gunshots at dusk, nor yipping and atv tracks. The coyotes are getting close to the house, so I don't mind throwing mason jars full of pee out into the front yard. I am marking my turf like the wild beasties.

Speaking of wild, I've come to the realization that the rewilding of Natasha Shealy is not unlike a landscape. Finding a true wildness can take the place of trite rebellion.Looking into this...

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