01 December, 2009

Warm Morning cooks a meal!

They talk about slow food, but I know about real slow food over at the Shealy Farmlands of Big Pine. I decided to make steak tamales from local beef, and ended up at my little Warm Morning stove for the entire afternoon.

What took so long was not the heat factor, but my small stovetop space. I began with roasting peppers, onions and garlic, then placed them into another pan and began cooking the beef to which I reintroduced the steak. One of the crucial parts of homesteading is to conserve water and dishes, seeing how you have to carry water.

After the tasty bits were finished i added masa into the secondary pan, and added the leftover water I had used for the steak to simmer in a bit. The corn husks had been soaking all day so they were ready to go. I used the water from the soaking tamales to "pre wash" the secondary pan.

I wrapped up the tamales like sweat little treats and let them steam for an hour...
They were delicious, and I only used two dishes besides our plaste and forks.
It can be done!

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