21 January, 2010

Here is a snapshot of my porch. Notice the metal wash tub. I use my dishes over & over all week before I wash them. Gross? Well I try to wipe em with hot water if I cook meat, but it doesn't really bother me. I seem to possess a low level of neurosis when it come to this part of my life. I make up for it in bathing suit situations.
It isn't that I am dirty, it is just that washing dishes without running, hot water takes a large quantity of energy that can used to stack wood, cut wood, or think about wood.

We had a family farm meeting last week, and planned to work on the fences today. But Olivia had to work, so our plans for an organized system is off to a wobbly start. Dad decided to buy shiny white paint for some trim work instead of barb ware. It is frustrating coordinating a work day. The sooner we get our fences in order, the sooner the ripped up muddied land can heal from the relentless hooves of two elderly horses, and the sooner I can begin looking at calves to pasture.
The sooner I can pasture a calf, the sooner we are one step closer to having to work less for the man.