04 January, 2010

The cruel wind around these parts will freeze your face that way, so gently lift the corners of your mouth into something agreeable. I am hiding out in town the past few days, I don't want to work all day and night to keep the cabin from freezing. Not that I have any water pipes or anything, it's just cold in the corners of the room and forget going upstairs into the uninsulated bedroom. Even the nest is cold. I fear my small little furry friend will freeze solid. This isn't really interesting, though. I joined the romper room gym on Patton Avenue for the month of January. I am hoping to get a few sit ups done before Cheney and I head out to sunny, bikini clad Jamaica in February.

I am not using the chainsaw this week, nor am I brewing up the merlot I had planned to bottle this week. We need to empty more flip bottles first. Wine in a flip top beer bottle? Yes...it's true.

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